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An Encylopedia in your Pocket

Ecodex is first and foremost a game about how amazing animals are. Every card is packed with incredible and well-researched facts for you to learn and enjoy, and the artwork is hand illustrated to show off how bloomin’ cool all the animals are.

Red Squirrel

Common Frog

Feral Pigeon

Mountain Hare

Three Games in One

With the one Ecodex pack you can play three games – Top That, Go Explore and Lost in the Woods (based on Top Trumps, Go Fish and Old Maid respectively). The games work from 2 to 8 players, and full instructions are included with every pack. Let’s face it, the weather in Scotland is not always great for exploring… but Ecodex is great for bringing the adventure indoors!

Top That!

Use the incredible statistics on your Ecodex card to beat your opponent! What’s faster – a Common Swift or a Golden Eagle? Which lives longer – a Basking Shark or a Dolphin? Top That is a battle to be the best – and learn a tonne about animals on the way!

Go Explore

Head into the wilderness and discover all the animals that live in a habitat! Your Ecodex pack is split into 11 habitats with 4 animals in each. In Go Explore your aim is to find them all and make sets by pinching cards from your opponents!

Lost in the Woods

Every expedition is fraught with danger – and exploring the wilderness for animals is no exception! In Lost in the Woods your aim is to pair up animal cards into habitats without being left with the ‘Lost in the Woods’ card. Can you make it out safely?

A Spotter’s Guide!

The great thing about Ecodex is that every card comes with a ‘Seen?’ checkbox. They’re not just a deck of cards, they’re a spotter’s guide! Get outside and discover them all – see if you can complete the entire Ecodex!

Completing The ECODEX!

RSPB Lochwinnoch

This is one of my favourite local nature reserves to Glasgow – and is a great place to see a wide variety of water birds, as well as woodland animals like the Great Spotted Woodpecker (one for the ecodex!). Scotland (and the rest of the UK) has a huge variety of nature reserves criss-crossing the country, so it’s easy to head outside and come face to face with nature!


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